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Art of Creation - Melissa’s Story of Her Painting Process

As a sensual artist and writer of the divine sacred feminine I have discovered my unique passion that is carried through my life on a daily basis. I have learned that this level of joy is inherent within me at all times. It is my free will to feel this connection and be willing to reach into the unknown door of possibilities to be more in every moment of my life - to create a new. This process unveils an excitement in my deep body that is profound and exhilarating - a pure joy of bliss and excitement as I walk and create with life.

I entrust my connection with source as I radiate my interior light to shine through me as I take action from the wise part that is inherent within - thus birthing my creative inspirations. I feel every stroke of paint that I create on my canvas - I feel every word as I write - this practice uniquely empowers my interior wisdom to live this passion in every moment as I interact with each person and experiences in life.

Being erotic with life - Juice of passion - means I naturally feel all my senses at a heightened level of bliss in everything I do! This bliss however is not created from an outside stimulation. The path of blooming my uniqueness occurs when the deep body feels and takes action from my interior. This process free’s my boundaries and barriers harbored in my physical body, releasing old patterns and thoughts that keep me small or in my comfort zone - I am perfect right now just as I am.

That pure joy is not through another person - or material possessions - that my excitement is I BELIEVE in the possible and I risk bringing life to my unique gift out in the world - a creation that will last for eternity. So everyday I reach into the infinite well of my creativity to be more! My paintings are infused with this universal wisdom. Therefore, owning a unique piece of my sensual spiritual art will unveil the viewer to their possibilities in the natural beauty of their own sensual essence. My work will open the deep body to risk being more involved with life through their own uniqueness. Blooming a deeper connection to their passion in life. The pulse of erotic passion lives in everything we touch, see and feel. In believing this, the excitement resides first inside of us. Then the magic gradually brings the courage to walk with this excitement in the outside world, experiencing the true glory of our nakedness.

~Melissa Van Cleave

Melissa resides in Indiana where she creates personal power pieces, soul paintings and writings for a soulful purpose. Her work is sold throughout the United States and internationally.

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